The Date: 16 July 2011

I mustered up the courage to be alone with him. Finally.

It was months of waiting and finally gave it a ‘Yes’. It’s just a movie anyway. Nothing can seriously go wrong here.

The Grand Cinema at The Elements

I don’t want to make the mistake of being alone with a guy I barely know  but I really prepped up for this one. Because it may not happen again.

Enough with the drama. I watched Harry Potter on my first ever movie rendezvous with myself. And it wasn’t so bad! I actually enjoyed it and found some few benefits of watching alone:

  • I can focus on the movie and not on the roving hands of a date;
  • I can eat popcorn and not be bothered if something got caught between my teeth….
  • Or if there’s butter on the side of my mouth (but a date (I like) taking that off with his own method WON’T BOTHER ME AT ALL :D).
  • I can just watch and not explain the scene to whoever’s sitting beside me.
  • I can laugh, tear up and not be conscious at all. Damn! Snape got me tearing up and when the final scenes were rolling…. I just felt that slight catch in my throat. HP’s really over. T_T


Movie ticket prices here in Hong Kong vary depending on the screening time you pick.  The earliest screening, 10AM or 10:30AM, costs HK$65; watch it around 12nn onwards and it will cost you double.

And if you’re watching a 3D movie, check it via their website or with the cinema itself if they will be providing the 3D glasses or not. If you don’t have one, you will have to purchase it at the cinema.

The Grand Cinema at The Elements provides the 3D glasses so you just come over and enjoy the movie. The seats even vibrate on some of those scenes, similar to the experience on 4D theaters.

Side Note:

I was quite disappointed with the 3D effects of Harry Potter. Maybe I expected a bit too much since the first one was supposed to be 3D but they had to forego the initial plan because production schedule is tight. So I somehow expected this one to be an all-out 3D experience but it was not.



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3 responses to “The Date: 16 July 2011

  1. fourkaster

    siguro ayw mo lang talaga ireveal me kasama ka manood ng harry?? nyahaha

  2. Ivy

    Nung una, kala ko naman kung sino kadate. Si Harry Potter pala.
    Tapos di ka naman handa for your date. Outfit kung outfit…..

    Movie wasn’t that bad….. nalungkot ako when it ended…. parang I want more.. and naawa ako sa pagkamatay ni Snape

  3. @fourkaster & ivy: it’s my first date with myself, so had to look nice. at kung may ka-date ako nun, malamang di ko naintindihan HP. LOL 😛

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