Travel Diaries: Causeway Bay

This is one of the busiest areas in Hong Kong. And Causeway Bay on a Sunday is something I will seriously avoid for the rest of my stay here. It is ridiculously packed, add the afternoon heat and it all compounded into a very disappointing weekend stroll.

I was hoping to stroll around Victoria Park since it’s just near my place and this is all I managed to take a shot of because from across the street, I can already see that people have already overflowed into the entrance. I was so disappointed, I never bothered crossing the street.

The Road to Victoria Park

So I took a stroll on some other neighboring streets. There are camera shops around this area but I find them very pricey. Best prices are around Mong Kok and this one shop at Star House in Tsim Sha Tsui. And those shops with signs shouting at you, I stay away from them as reputable camera shops like Broadway and Fortress do not  have shouting signs like this one. It’s probably just me, but I find shops like these rather sketchy.

Camera Signs in Causeway Bay

And the highlight of my Sunday stroll was the Hogwarts Express Train on display at Times Square. I feel like a kid! But with the throng of people coming from all directions, I got bumped into several times and I just didn’t bother with them. I just snapped away.

What if this Platform 9 3/4 in Hong Kong can really transport you to Hogwarts?

The display is just a feast to the eyes and anyone who loves Harry Potter will really have field day here. I did! It took all my irritation away 😀

Hogwarts Express in Hong Kong

Since I can’t bother anyone to take my photo, I just snapped photos of people enjoying the train. Surprisingly, I had fun!

Everyone was really thrilled with the Hogwarts Express


Even the clown wants a snap! But the tourist on her right seem a bit impatient for his turn, though. ^__^

And amidst all the locals and tourists wanting a souvenir shot, this guy was busy doing some final painting retouches on the Hogwarts Express.

Prepping up the train

Now I’m so psyched to watch Harry Potter. First time to watch a movie alone. And this will be a personal feat as I haven’t dared a catch a movie by my lonesome (sometimes fab) self.

But I’m so looking forward to it 😉



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  1. Causeway Bay is one of the busiest cities in HK eversince. Walang kakupas kupas. Kahit na mga 90s pa.. marami talaga tao diyan. I like the hogwarts train and yung platform.. sana meron din niyan dito. And yeah you should really try watching a movie alone. Kahit na once…It’s not bad actually. 😉

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