Travel Diaries: Sha Tin Reflections

Hong Kong is not just about malls. I’ve had enough of that and I’m just too tired of it. Our office sits right above the new high-end mall, Elements, and right below the Ritz Carlton. The bright side? Right outside our office window is best view of the Victoria Harbor.

So on July 1, a declared holiday in HK, I decided to head towards the East Rail Line and went to Sha Tin (which my colleague said roughly means “sandy fields”).

It was far but pretty much worth the travel. Be prepared to wedge your way when you exit the Sha Tin station into the Citylink Plaza as the massive space can be packed with locals and tourists alike.

The East Rail Line is unlike those other MTR stations and I love the old feel of this line.


These are directions from the Admiralty MTR Station.

  • Take the red line and alight at Tsim Sha Shui Station.
  • Head towards Exit P to East Tsim Sha Shui/Hung Hom train station.
  • Alight at Hung Hom station and transfer to the East Rail transit. You even get to ride the First Class Compartment if you have validated your Octopus Card before entering (hey I never did that but rode in first class just the same!).
  • Alight at Sha Tin Station.

View from the Lek Yuen Bridge

The Lek Yuen Bridge sitting across the Shing Mun River Channel

View from the Lek Yuen Bridge

View from another side of the Lek Yuen Bridge



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4 responses to “Travel Diaries: Sha Tin Reflections

  1. Either you specialize in shots involving as few people as possible…. or Hong Kong is in dire need of Catholic bishops. ;D

  2. Ivy

    Ganda pala sa Sha Tin.. very peaceful and relaxing. And magaganda mga pictures na kuha mo. Gusto ko ilike yung mga pictures dito.. I wish I could go here someday…

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