The Lunar Project: June

Photo #06

Two months of working here is not so bad at all and I’ve finally gotten used to my ‘solitary confinement’ 😉 . I tried making the most of my stay here by going around especially on weekends. And I skip those touristy places because it’s just too crowded and I can’t take as much photos as I want. I rather go to those off-the-beaten-path and it brought me to these rather creepy places.

Mid-Levels path to the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens

The path above leads to this floodway, which actually leads to the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens

And it sure reminded of the Jars Murderer featured in the Crime Investigation Channel a few days before I was set to leave for HK again. I really hope this pathway is closed at night because it sure doesn’t look safe to be loitering this side of Hong Kong even at twilight. It is much too isolated and I promised myself not to go through this road again.


Take nothing but pictures.

 Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time.

Break nothing, especially hearts.




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2 responses to “The Lunar Project: June

  1. IVy

    Parang sha yung tunnel sa Malaysia dati when we were looking for a place to stay sa Chinatown.. very creepy.. especially at night. Parang anytime pwedeng may humarang sa iyo diyan.

    Dito kaya nangyari ang Jars Murderer?

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