Coño Overheard

I am back in Hong Kong and back at the mercy of this unforgiving project. hahaha.

And I came back  to an office with finally two Filipino officemates (not teammates, though) and they’re sitting just behind my cubicle. Nice right?

But the thing is, these two feel like they’re so over and above a creature like me that they refuse to acknowledge me even with a teeny little ‘Hi’. Their teammate, who is a local, was the one who, not only said ‘Hi’ but rather introduced himself and made a short, polite conversation with me. It really was unnecessary and unexpected, but very much welcome nonetheless.

So these two do not know how they really make my day quite an enjoyable one. Both have this coñotic accent when they speak; one sounds pretty much like Rustom Padilla and even with his gym-like body that is very much visible in the shirts that he wear…  my gaydar is screaming “closet gay sitting right behind you girl!” As in, amoy berde ang dugo niya huh. And siguro kaya ayaw niya ko pansinin, kasi baka i-out ko siya in a very bonggacious way. ^____^

Then this other one, almost made me laugh out loud earlier. He was talking quite amiably to someone over the phone; telling about his uncle who went on safari in Africa and another uncle who went to Ethiopia… in Addis Abba (as he said it… twice!). I was so tempted to blurt out, “Pareh! You really should stop saying that kasehhh you’re sounding like a sowshal idiot. That’s Addis Ababa, parehhh… dude!”

And it didn’t stop there. The aircon was already turned off and so his voice was rather bouncing off the office walls. This time he was telling about his last trip to Italy and how he gained around ten pounds, which he said he can EASILY lose in a month… huh! babantayan ko waistline niya! hahaha

Now, he’s putting the blame on his two indulgences while in Italy (yes, he feels the need to repeat ‘Italy’ after every 5 words or so): drinking wine and drinking  cheese! Pasosyal ka ha! So you’re like sipping cheese in Italy? Or is that really what sowshals like you do?



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3 responses to “Coño Overheard

  1. Ivy


    Ano ba yan mga kasama mong pinoy.. .kung umasta…. nagpipilit na magmukhang sosyal o foreigner pero nagmumukhang gago naman huh??

    Kainis naman yan, ok na sana kasi finally may kasama ka diyan na kalahi mo eh kung ganyan nga naman sila, pagtawanan mo na lang……

  2. MissK

    Girl, picturan mo!

    I had a somewhat similar experience on my overseas assignment some 3 years ago: as I was having a good time taking my lunch at the swanky pantry, a Fil-Am and his Asian friend sat beside me and talked about how things were back in the Philippines as if a true-blue Pinay wasn’t hearing their conversation and understanding everything perfectly. So tacky!

    • I just might! hahaha. I just find them too annoying really. It was like they feel superior because their work is more “sowshal” than mine. Really! Like I care. Ang mga Pinoy talaga, panalo sa payabangan! Ever! >:)

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