Travel Diaries: Aboard the Star Ferry

I spend Friday nights strolling this adoptive city I’ll be calling my home for the next four or six months. And this time, my feet took me to Central Pier which pretty much says it all. You can find all the ferries here leading to as far as the Outlying Islands in Hong Kong.

I finally rode the ferry when I’ve had enough shots of the pier and it’s such an experience to be onboard a sea of different nationalities. I get to hear snippets of conversation in Cantonese, Malay, Japanese, Spanish, English and Filipino and I find it a wonderful chaos to listen to.


The ferry ride just costs HKD2.50 (around PHP14) and it’s a scenic way to travel the city.  If you’re staying for a while here, best you purchase the Octopus card because you can use it for the bus, tram, MTR, ferry and it’s accepted in fast food stores and vending machines too.


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One response to “Travel Diaries: Aboard the Star Ferry

  1. Ivy

    Finally naexperience mo na din siya…..
    I like the last photo that you took. =)

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