Travel Diaries: A Rather Hairy Experience in Mong Kok

In search of better fitting clothes and some lens for my baby, D3100, I headed to Mong Kok.

I often heard that this is one of the densest place in Hong Kong but I was surprised at how DENSE it really is. Considering that it was raining that time, there are still a lot people in the streets shopping for whatnots. I almost feel agoraphobic already.

Previously, I already searched the web for reliable camera shops in Mong Kok and found Wing Shing Photo Supplies and most of the shops mentioned in this site. But I decided against buying because it was raining and I don’t want to get my new baby wet. Yes, even if it’s boxed. 😉

I was supposed to check the Ladies Market but the Esprit outlet signage lured me from the destination in mind.

And it was such a pleasure to shop there. Not only for their prices but the staff as well. They were friendly and helpful too.

I managed to get myself a shirt, slacks and a casual dress. The good thing is, if your bill is HKD600, you get a HKD100 discount. So I got my mom a small bag to complete the purchase. When I converted it to PHP, I really got a steal on this one! And I’m definitely going back. 😉

But this last experience was something I won’t likely to forget. On the way home, I rode the metro and in front of me was a couple. The girl got the creamiest complexion I have ever seen and I’m almost green with envy. Until she raised her arm. OMG! There was some serious growth in there. I swear. I expected that from other nationalities but Asian?! That hairy experience left me a scarred woman. LOL.


From the Mong Kok MTR station, take exit D3. When you reach the top of the escalator, you will be greeted with  a street full of camera shops and outlet stores.

There are street signs as well that will lead you to the Ladies Market if you want to check it out.



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2 responses to “Travel Diaries: A Rather Hairy Experience in Mong Kok

  1. Ivy

    You’re lucky and you found the EDC outlet store. Ilan beses na ako pumunta ng HK.. looking for that at di ko siya makita kita. I’ll definitely check this place out when I go back there. Remind me please. And yes, pag shopping talaga, marami sa Mongkok. But like you said, marami talaga tao diyan and I think one of the places na marami din loko loko. Kasi nga madaming shops and madami din tao. =)

    And about your most unforgettable experience at the MRT station, hihihi!
    Uso yan diyan. Ganyan sila……you should get used to it…. coz you’ll be there for a while.. Kadiri diba?

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      was really lucky to find the EDC outlet… well maybe because i really have to find it.
      pero that ‘hairy’ experience really shocked me! LOL

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