Travel Diaries: 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong

After a stressful work week, I honestly don’t want to go home yet on a Friday night. And so I made a quick check on the web on how to go to 1881 Heritage.

It was a magnificent sight. Smack right in Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (yeah, pronounced as ‘simsachoi’ or just say TST), the Victorian architecture was indeed a sight to behold at night.

This is a declared heritage site as it houses one of the old government structures in Hong Kong. The Fire Station and Accommodation Block that was remodeled to house retail shops.

This is also home of the Hong Kong Marine Police Headquarters back in the 1800s until 1996, when it was finally relocated to Sai Wan Ho.

The Former Time Ball Tower is also found in this compound; this was used in the early days to signal ships on the harbour. At present, the time ball is dropped every 1:00PM.

The whole compound itself is a fusion of the east and west as retail stores range from the very Asian Shanghai Tang to very European IWC Schaffhausen.


To go here from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, take Exit F, and L6. Follow the sign, you won’t get lost. When you go out of the L6 exit, 1881 Heritage will be on your right.

You might even chance upon this man and hear him play on his bamboo flute, Que Sera Sera, too 😉 It was a song our parents sang to us and I felt a catch in my throat when I heard it. It took all control not to be teary-eyed.

A little side story. I just crossed the street from 1881 Heritage and was taking photos of the street and the buses when a lady approached me. She was  speaking Cantonese and I said, English only please.

But the look of frustration on her face made me want to try to help her. Initially I thought she wanted me to take her picture with her husband. She said no (well I thought she did). Instead, she took a shot and showed me. It was almost all black and I figured out her camera for a moment then I realized she was using flash. I suggested that she shouldn’t use the flash as it melts the background (especially if you don’t know how to use it). That is why I don’t use it. 😉

The look on her face when she took a shot again and the photo was so much better was enough to make me feel better. That even as an amateur, I passed on a knowledge worth keeping in mind when taking pictures.



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3 responses to “Travel Diaries: 1881 Heritage in Hong Kong

  1. Ivy

    This is nice. You should take me here and magpapaphoto shoot ako sa iyo when I’m there ….

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