The Lunar Project: May

Photo #05

Working in Hong Kong as a consultant was something very new to me and almost dreading it to a degree. And with very good reason too! My flight was delayed for four f**** hours, which means, delaying my arrival at HK from 830PM… 130AM! That’s just the start of a string of bad vibes I had to deal with on my first day… and on the days to follow. And that would need a separate post. >:)

But when I went out yesterday to stroll around by my lonesome self, it made my first week just a tad bearable. It was silly to leave my tripod behind but I didn’t plan on staying out late on a Saturday. But then I did and I just had to make do. Amateur… but who cares! I just love what I love! 😉

Scene from the Wan Chai North Pier


Take nothing but pictures.

 Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time.

* Break nothing, especially hearts.*


** nice addition if I may say so 😉 **



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3 responses to “The Lunar Project: May

  1. Ivy

    Nice shot!! Parang postcard lang ito. =)

  2. fourkaster


    so you survived your first week in HK.. congrats!

  3. jumbledcoffeethoughts

    hi ivy, hi fourkaster! yeah i survived the first week. thank goodness! i just don’t know in the coming weeks. :((… thanks for dropping by! mwahh!

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