Of Saving Face When You’re Found Out

I’m having crazy thoughts again in my head and thought to let loose some of the craziness from my bloodstream. And it’s probably because the workweek is about to begin in less than an hour as I’m writing this (obviously, I slept through this post).

Darn! I just got found out! Now what to do?

The dreaded confrontation statement, “Sa tingin ko, may gusto ka sa’kin (I think you like me)”, would leave a girl frozen in sheer embarrassment  if she ever was found out by the guy she’s crushing on. What if someone actually said this to my face? (Dear Lord, wag naman po! Papakabait na talaga ako. Promise!)

I’m wondering if any of these sarcastic retort or funny comeback will help anyone save face in that paralyzing, swallow-me-whole moment.

The Denial

You have to do this with much conviction to be believable. There is no time to buckle on your speech as this will ruin the whole thing. 😉

  • Excuse me, pero may salamin ba sa bahay niyo?
  • Maybe you should start drinking coffee you know! Para naman nerbiyusin ka sa mga pinagiisip mo. *sabay taas ng kilay*
  • Lakas tama ka din eh noh!
  • Sa tingin ko, ilusyanado ka.
  • At ano naman aber ang basehan mo diyan sa pantasya mong yan?
  • And you arrived at that conclusion because…..?????
  • Ako ba? Eh bakit parang ikaw yung kinikilig?
  • Now that you’ve successfully convinced yourself about that idea, maybe you should start convincing ME to like you.

The Confirmation

Well, since you’ve already been found out, you might as well own up to it, right? If you’re the spunky/funny kind, I think your humor will help you live through this rather embarrassing scenario.

  • Para sa isang taong matalino…. medyo slow ka din no?
  • For someone smart, you’re actually pretty dense. *eyebrows raised*
  • Meron nga… pwede na kita i-kiss?
  • I do. Now will that give me license to kiss you?
  • Eto naman tanong ko sa’yo. Nakakamanhid ba ang pagiging gwapo?
  • Tingin lang? Pag ganyan ba, manhid ka?
  • Weh noh naman ngayon kung meron? Bawal?
  • Oo na! Meron na! Now please stop looking at me kasi hindi ako makapagisip ng maayos.
  • Ganito na lang. Gabi na pero amoy araw ka… at infernes, keri ko lang. Tapos tanong ka pa diyan. LOL!!!

Verifying the Obvious

Nuff said. Just read on. @____@

  • Ummmm, maganda siguro if you’ll take your lips off mine so I can reply. Whatcha think?
  • Hello! Nagpahalik na nga sa’yo di ba! Aysus!
  • Naman! Tanong ka pa diyan eh, kung saan na nakaabot kamay mo. (LOL!!!)

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One response to “Of Saving Face When You’re Found Out

  1. fourkaster


    hahahaha.. aprub sakin to!

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