Travel Diaries: Singapore

If ever I decide to work outside my beloved HaPinas, I would probably consider working here. For one thing, it’s close to home and fare isn’t really as expensive; I can book a flight for the weekend if I get really homesick. Ok, so that defeats the purpose of going there so I can really start saving! hahaha

I’ve visited Singapore three times already and it just doesn’t get old. I still get excited when I have the chance to go because I get to meet my dear friends who are based there and they are always kind to offer their place so we can save on accommodation and splurge on touristy things to do there.

I had to do the Singapore blog in parts and decided to divide it according to: Recreation, Nature Trip, City Tour, and Places of Interest.


Universal Studios Singapore 

USS is open daily including public holidays, from 10AM to 7PM.

Yes,  it’s possible to tour this in one day but if you really want to enjoy the place without rushing from one place to the other, it’s wiser to get the two-day pass which costs SGD$118 (adult rate). Check this link.

Behind Far, Far Away Land


Again, it’s possible to tour this in one day but you really don’t get to enjoy the scenes as much as you’re concerned on hopping from one place to the other.

Singapore Flyer

The 30-minute ride is a good way to rest your tired feet after much strolling or shopping. You can opt to do this in the afternoon to get away from the sun or at night to see the Singapore skyline. 

View of the city skyline from the Singapore Flyer

Science Center Singapore

After visiting the Chinese Gardens, you can opt to go here since it’s within the vicinity and you can grab a bite at nearby McDonald’s if you get hungry after strolling the gardens, that is, if you’re not picky. 

Though this place is targeted for the kids, the kids-at-heart will have just as much fun rediscovering everyday things that have been taken for granted because of grown-up things that required more attention. Here’s their site. 

The kids-at-heart will have fun rediscovering Science



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2 responses to “Travel Diaries: Singapore

  1. Oh wow. Those pictures are amazing and you must have had a wonderful time down in Singapore. Visited the museums yet?

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      Yes, we really had a great time there. We visited just a few museums because we were so pressed for time. I had to cut the blog in parts otherwise it will be a mile long. hahaha. Thanks for dropping by 😀

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