Travel Diaries: Morong, Bataan

Our fear of the terrible traffic down south led us to decide on going up north for some last minute beach bumming before my sister and her family left for the UK last week.

The North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) was free-flowing as we left early that when we stopped over for breakfast at Jollibee, they were still closed; and so we waited for 5:30AM.

We passed by several toll gates from NLEX to Bataan but I found them quite reasonable considering the roads are well-kept. No traffic hassle at all.

I chanced upon Phi Phi Hotel and Beach Resort as I was surfing the net and it was indeed my lucky pick. The place is just gorgeous! What you see on their website is exactly what you will see when you get there. The general manager, Rhogel gave us a pretty good deal and the staff were very nice and accommodating too. Their food is quite pricey though, around 300+ per viand but it was delicious and the portions were meant for sharing. Plus we were so tired of eating fast food, that the real food they serve is a welcome treat 😉

And if those were not enough, we have the entire beach to ourselves as it was a Wednesday when we visited for a daytour. It was a glorious day, indeed!

The gate leads to the gorgeous beach

The sand isn't white but you wouldn't mind!

Beach Front Accommodation

There are lounge chairs by the pool where you can roast yourself silly... like we did! 😉 or you can go down the shore for some ultimate roasting experience. 😀

My nephews love their kiddie pool so much, they don't want to get out of the water.

My niece just looks bored here but she enjoyed the pool in her cute inflatable

It was a shame we didn't get to see the Bataan sunset as we have to leave early because we have kids with us. But I would definitely go back!


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3 responses to “Travel Diaries: Morong, Bataan

  1. Ivy

    Love the pictures, even the accomodations looks nice.

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