Starbucks 40th Anniversary

I am a certified caffeine freak and I love Starbucks (and Coffee Bean, Seattle’s Best among others) and what better way to celebrate their 40th anniversary last March 8 than to give free upsize? Yay! So I drowned myself in my ever favorite Espresso Frap. Love it!

And they launched their new wordless logo too. Just like any change, I’m sure there are commotions and violent reactions over it. People have identified with the old logo already and it takes a while to get used to the new one. I’m thinking maybe it’s their way of making the logo speak for the brand; like when people see the mythological siren, people will associate it with Starbucks. But what do I know?

So…. I will just enjoy my coffee and let the others whine over the change.


puts foot under one leg… opens my book…

sips my coffee… this is life!



Starbucks Glorietta 5 is now open. You can use your coupon (if you have the planner) here!

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