Songs That Describe Your Life (OPM Version)

I just thought of doing an OPM version of a blog I previously posted. So here are some OPM songs that may very much describe your current state. Enjoy! 😉

Going Gaga Over Someone

Realizing You Love Someone Way Too Late

Refusing To Get Over Someone

Secretly In Love


Denying You Miss Someone

Hurting Like Hell

Jaded With Love

🙂 hahaha 🙂


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10 responses to “Songs That Describe Your Life (OPM Version)

  1. Ivy

    All nice songs. I like the “Baliw” song. I think anyone can relate to that.
    I miss “The Company”. Ang ganda ng lyrics ng Baka Ikaw. Tsaka ang drama ni Bitoy sa song niya ha..

  2. fourkaster

    bwahahaha! emote na emote na ako.. ang ganda ng mga songs.. tas bigla un ke andrew e.. hahaha. panira ng momentum oh!

  3. fourkaster

    hiramin ko muna kay ivy yang ‘hindi na’


    sakin muna sha bagay *sniff sniff

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      tagos na tagos ba ung song? hahaha… basta lagi mo isipin, if one person can’t see your worth, there will be someone who will 😉

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