Loving That Blasted Past

They say there’s a reason why our exes are in the past and they did not make it to our present (or future). I bet there is.

That there’s no sense dwelling in the past because it doesn’t help you move on and get over it.

But honestly, there will be that one ex (or any person for that matter) who will make their presence felt in your life. He makes you smile as you access your brain’s RAM for everything that’s labeled with his name. And then you just sigh and probably get teary-eyed at the memories of those times together, which may not be all good, yet it doesn’t stop you from recalling them just the same.

He’s in the past yet you can’t forget him because what you shared transcended the physical aspect of love. What you had brought out the best in each other. You wanted to change NOT because the other said so or asked  but because you both WANTED to make that change yourselves.

And this is the kind of change that will outlive the relationship; even when the Us has long since been reduced to You-and-I, you will always remember that person as the one who made you want to be the best version of you. How can you not fondly remember an ex like that?

Then there are those exes (or just about anyone too) who make you feel like you’ve just swallowed a bitter pill that left a bad aftertaste in your mouth each time their faces pop in your head. Ha! I so can relate. Yes, I’m being my horrid self. Again.

They may be your ‘bad’ choices but don’t let them leave you jaded. Shake the bad memories away and take the lessons that came with it.

We go through this whole drama called life ONCE and it is better to have made that decision (good or bad) than to live in what-might-have-beens and what-ifs. That’s a sad way to live.


Take that leap of faith. Bahala na si Batman.
Be stupid. Cry later.
Pick yourself up.
Be beautiful. Let them drool.


This post is inspired by my sister as we were each other’s Valentines date yesterday. We had cake and coffee, watched Pangako Sa’yo on cable when the house quieted down, recalled those days of yore and comforted me as things got a little out of hand when the blasted dam broke. Aga should be blamed for that. Hahaha. Drama Queen! 😉


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