The Singleton and the Smugs

Every single’s nightmare is here again. The dreadfully commercialized Valentine’s Day and the smugs in relationship haunting us “lowly” single creatures.

Please give us singles a break and stop looking at us as though you want to organize some sort of pity party for us just because we are.

The world doesn’t end because we don’t have The One; it would be nice, though. Like the icing on the cake. But it’s definitely not a requirement for happiness. I used to get really riled up when neighbors who “mean well” approach me and look all concerned because I’m never married. What they don’t realize is I CHOOSE to be one. And  I am happy (not always as that will be strange). Happiness is not a state. It’s a decision. 

Jerry Maguire should be blamed for overly romanticizing, “You complete me”. Just imagine what happens if that person leaves you? You go to pieces and drag your lonely self to Sorry State and have your own pity party there?

And when you have finally recovered, you go find that one person to complete you again and the vicious cycle goes on if he leaves you for another who’s got bigger boobs, bigger ass, smaller waist and if you’re too damn unlucky, he leaves you for someone who makes the statement, “wala kang panalo sa true love” a horrific reality for you.  Ok, so I am bitching again. Please excuse my horrible self. >:)

Singlehood has its merits just as coupledom has its own. Not everyone is destined to be with someone. And it should not be a measure of one’s success or failure. It’s just the way it is.

Here’s a video I hope you’ll enjoy. He’s a bit annoying but he’s got a point! 😉


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