From A Third Person’s Perspective

This is a five year old post and I thought to republish with a photo I found in my stash. And yes, quite appropriate for that upcoming occasion.


I lived and breathed the idea of “The One” and “Mr. Right” as a loony teen. But now, I am so sure he lost his bloody way and doesn’t have any idea where he can find me. Or worse, he got a severe case of amnesia and  has forgotten all about me. And like the typical guy that he probably is, he’s just too damn proud to ask for directions.

Anyway, this post isn’t about that the quest for the elusive Mr. Luv. Few years back, I met this couple whose relationship left me yearning to have one just like theirs. In office terms, their relationship is my baseline.

They’re best friends. She fell in love with him long before he did with her. And when he finally did, there was no grand profession of love but rather, a quiet realization that he just wants to be with her. Always.

They talk about anything and everything (from the most profound to the silliest of topics) and it doesn’t get old; they never get bored. They can sit together not talking and the silence is comfortable and never awkward. He’s an introvert, she’s an extrovert; but they still get along because they make allowances for each other. She puts up a wicked front but he knows that is just her defense and beneath it lies a good and thoughtful person that only a few gets to see. They’re not always sweet to each other but they both know just how much one means to the other. They’re together but they still have their own lives.

They don’t go on expensive dates because they can’t afford it. But they sure know how to have fun. They just stroll, chat for hours and eat wherever and enjoy their moments together.

He doesn’t even buy her presents on special occasions because he doesn’t know how to choose one. His first attempt of a Christmas gift was an untangler, the famous Hair Doctor comb, which left her annoyed and amused at the same time. Since then, he takes her to the mall instead and lets her choose what she likes. The girl gets miffed because she wants to be surprised but nevertheless appreciates the idea that he only wants to give her what she really likes. He will be surprised that what she likes isn’t expensive at all and he will insist that she get a more expensive one because he saved for her.

I would give anything to have that kind of relationship. They’re not together anymore but their story inspires me. They have remained friends to this day. Whenever I see them on separate occasions, they only have good words for each other. That for me is enough to wipe (some) of my cynicism away.

Love doesn’t cease to exist because the relationship is over. It just took another form and it’s still love.


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