Cheesy Pinoy Pickup Lines #1

Since it’s the (highly commercialized) love month, maybe you can try if these pickup lines will make or break that chance for a date 😉



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7 responses to “Cheesy Pinoy Pickup Lines #1

  1. Ivy

    Eww yung first.. sa daming pwedeng icompare sa ampalaya pa.
    But I like the last one.. straight to the heart.. lol!!

  2. Ivy

    Mali.. straight to the point pala.. nyahaha!!

  3. mayet taguba

    i like it because beautiful pick up lines :))

  4. i like pick up lines
    pwede dagdagan nyo pah hahahaahaha 🙂

  5. ahm uie nice one hahahaahha jowk hahahaha walang magawa si bunso hahahaha

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