My sister and I finally got to escape the little jungle  we call home and fled to the nearest salon for some feet pampering. And we got into an interesting conversation with Justine, our cute gay pedicurist. The Metrosexuals.

He is not convinced that metrosexuals are straight and this is from a gay’s point of view. It’s like “isang metro na lang, homo na”. Well for one, the men I know do not spend an eternity fixing themselves before going out of the house. Ok, so my father won’t go anywhere because his greys are showing, but that’s another story. He’s simply vain.

The usual metrosexual is so in touch with his feminine side that he scrubs himself raw with body salt and body polish; carries with him a kikay kit containing oil control film, powder and whatever to make him look so slick as though a dog just licked his hair. He smells sooooooo good you can smell him from a mile away. He wears these folded skinny jeans, fitted shirt, scarf (yes…in this hot country HaPinas) and finishes off the look with pointed white shoes. And he definitely looks a lot more groomed, scrubbed and buffed than your ordinary guy (and even some girls). Girls will feel almost intimidated because they look so put together.

It’s one thing for a man to groom himself before leaving the house and another to bring his entire bathroom with so he can RETOUCH. Girls retouch. Period. The combination of soap and deodorant and probably some light perfume is enough for those ‘traditional men’ but with the metros, they just gotta retouch.

I love gays…. the metrosexuals just confuse me.

Need enlightenment? Check these out:

Know If You’re A Metrosexual



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