DFA: Detesting the Fouled-up Appointment

Passport renewal was one my most dreaded moments. Ever. I’ve heard of notorious stories about DFatawang Appointment system that DFA has implemented. And they are REAL!

My schedule was at 2PM. I was there at 1:20PM because they have an advise that you should be 30 minutes earlier than your appointment.

I finished Step 1 (Document Evaluation) 45 minutes later; done with Step 2 (Payment) in 5 minutes and finished Step 3 (Encoding & Photo Capture) 3 hours and 56 minutes later. I was there at the DFA for almost 6 hours. Ridiculous!

There was a power interruption around 4PM and they were running on generator. Their servers keep conking out and so it added a decade to our near century of waiting.

Just thought to share some tips in case you’ll be going there anytime soon.


  • If you’re willing to shell out double the passport fee, around P1,800 (950 for regular processing), then go to an agency and have them process it for you. Though you still have to make a personal appearance for the biometrics, the waiting time is just around 30 minutes or less because you’ll be on priority.
  • Just be 30 minutes early for your appointment. It is useless to be there much earlier because they won’t let you in anyway. They will prioritize those who have an earlier appointment than you.
  • Eat before going to the DFA or bring water and something to snack on (wag naman kanin at ulam ;))
  • But if you opt not to, the Aseana Power Station across DFA houses restos and coffe shop where you can grab a quick bite. The Starbucks there offers free Wi-Fi. Super love!
  • Bring a book; fully charged laptop or any gadget you can play with (wholesome ones ok?) to while the time away. 😛

Though the waiting time is really pathetic, I took it as my “me” time and I found that it wasn’t so bad. Maybe moms out there who haven’t had some “me” time should consider having their passports renewed. 😉

And one thought crossed my mind… after all the hassles I went through, I may have yet another brilliant reason not to get married. LOL.


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One response to “DFA: Detesting the Fouled-up Appointment

  1. Ivy

    “And one thought crossed my mind… after all the hassles I went through, I may have yet another brilliant reason not to get married” – Patay tayo diyan. I’m guessing may nakita ka na naman na di mo nagustuhan? Grabe naman yung waiting time for photo capturing and encoding. Doon ka lang nagtagal.

    It’s good na may starbucks at doon ka muna tumambay at kumain and you got your iphone to play around with

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