Paris Délice

Paris Délice is worth dropping by for its delish breads and pastries. Whether for breakfast, lunch, snack or coffee bonding, you will not regret braving the often busy street of Makati Avenue just to grab a quick bite at this quaint pastry shop.

Their best-seller is the Chocolat Beignet (P85), which oozes with rich delectable chocolate with every bite. My brother is not a fan of chocolate but he easily wolfed this one down. Croissant and the pastry that looks similar to the cream puff we know are good too.


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6 responses to “Paris Délice

  1. Ivy

    We should visit this place more often. Winner talaga yung chocolate beignet nila. Kahit sino ata makatikim niyon will agree. And I love their croissant too.

  2. Timi

    The two small cream puffs are called chouquettes. Yuck, papaka-know it all ba?? I ate those last week for breakfast while walking around the city! Super sarap. It’s 100 pesos here for a basket!

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      yeah, that’s right! it’s cheaper there huh! it’s P25 each dito. super sarap talaga. *drool*
      i wished they opened when you were still here, though. kainis! 😦

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