Close Encounter with Gin Blossoms

Awesome is an understatement to describe the Gin Blossom’s concert in Manila last November 18.

It’s been three days since the Gin Blossoms performed at the Araneta Coliseum and I still have my hangover. And I’m pretty sure, my brother is still reeling from the close encounter with Robin Wilson.

We bought general admission tickets but we get so much more than we paid for.  They played most of their hits from the 90s and songs from their new  album, No Chocolate Cake, which is really one luscious slice of pure heaven. It’s got the mark that Gin Blossoms is loved for: melodic rock, catchy tune and poignant lyrics. I can’t seem to choose which among the tracks is my favorite but my top picks are Wave Bye Bye, Go Cry Baby and If You’ll Be Mine.

The concert turned out to be one big karaoke session (except when the songs are from the new album, people will just quiet down) as everybody was singing along with Robin, who is just sooooooooo accommodating to the fans. He’s just indefatigable; he would shake hands, take pictures with them and on two instances, he got a cellphone from the audience and sang to the person on the other end of the line. If that were me, it will be a struggle not to faint.

The best thing happened when we were waiting to exit the carpark. This car stopped and lo and behold. Robin alighted from the car to once again accommodate the people waiting at the sidelines. That was when my brother lost it. He and his friend was so starstruck (dumbstruck is the better term. hahaha) that they forgot they HAVE to take my picture with him too. They just stood their rooted to the ground like grooms who got cold feet on their wedding day.

Though I didn’t have my photo with Robin, that close encounter  left me giddy like a tween. It’s unbelievable that an international icon such as he is just so down-to-earth and accommodating. He is every inch a rock star minus the attitude. I ♥♥♥ Gin Blossoms. And judging from the crowd’s reaction that night, a lot of Pinoys love Gin Blossoms. Please come back soon! Keep rocking! \m/



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4 responses to “Close Encounter with Gin Blossoms

  1. Ivy

    I like this blog. Sayang talaga we were not there during the close encounter. Sayang talaga!!!

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      i know. if you guys were there, i’m sure we would have some good shots. hayyy! but the memory of that encounter is good enough for me. love GB even more… *fan mode*

  2. how are you? I was fortunate to approach your blog in bing your Topics is marvelous I get much in your website really thanks very much.
    btw, the theme of your website is really superb; where can find it?

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      hi bet365! thanks for the kind words. 🙂
      this theme is free here in wordpress; it’s chaotic soul. you can modify the header so it’s more personalized. 😉

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