Update: The Demise of NU Rock 107.5

Old songs on Sundays is already a tradition in our household. Until I heard the radio plug… Win Radio 107.5.

It was still ok. Until I heard, “Kailangan pa bang pag-isipan yan?”

I’m like…. WTF!

NU Rock 107.5, The Home of NU Rock is truly dead. RIP †



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3 responses to “Update: The Demise of NU Rock 107.5

  1. Ivy

    It is truly dead. Nakakairita noh? Pinatay nila nag NU Rock to give way to another jologs station. Haay!! Same thing happened with 103.5 just recently.

  2. jay

    this was the radio station influenced by my cousins and kuya…those days when had to wake up early for school…first thing i do is tune in to NU pag-uwi watch some cartoons then tune in back to NU to end my day…even when i was already working…it was already part of my everyday routine…now…parang lagi nang may kulang…tuwing nakakakita ako ng radio ahhh NU…then…oops…forgot…tsk…got no reasons pushing the red button…nakakamiss…

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      I’m not a big fan of their station like you are but when I learned that they were rehashing the station, nalungkot din talaga ako.

      Isipin mo na lang, from playing kick ass rock music, ngayon, it’s just like any other station na same format ng pagpapatawa na di naman nakakatawa.

      Thank you, Jay for dropping by. Nagulat ako at nabuhay tong post na to 🙂

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