You Had Me… Then Lost Me…

On my way home, I don’t know why Jerry Maguire suddenly came into my head and these thoughts popped out.


Edward, you had me when you stopped that vehicle from hitting Bella…. but you TOTALLY lost me when you SPARKLED. That is just way too gay. Sorry twihards.


Not Cool:

To a Jejemon:

You had me at hello… you lost me at E0W f0Whz!

Oh please. I do not have the patience to argue that this moronic manner of texting contributes in any way to enriching the Filipino language… other than driving the receiver of their text to hunt them down and twist their thumbs until they pledge to start texting normally.

I believe in respecting each other… so please use your jejetext to your jejefriends. >:)



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4 responses to “You Had Me… Then Lost Me…

  1. Ivy

    Natawa ako dito. Hehe!!

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