That Scamming (?) Power Balance Bracelet

Click on this image to view Mark Schwarz investigative report for ESPN

I often see people, young and old alike, who wear these Power Balance bracelets and it really intrigued me. The authentic bracelet costs $US 30 (roughly Php 1300) and supposedly gives the wearer (especially athletes) improved balance, stability and flexibility.

The moment I read it, the skeptic alarm in my head sounded off. How can a bracelet do all of that to you? The hologram is designed to (allegedly) respond to the body’s natural energy field. C’mon!

The people behind these bracelets are probably having a field day and laughing their way to the bank as they dupe people (including movie and sports celebrities) into believing they’ll perform better if they wear these almighty silicone bracelets.

Nothing beats training, belief in one’s capabilities and even prayer to excel in whatever field you are. IMHO 😉



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2 responses to “That Scamming (?) Power Balance Bracelet

  1. Ivy

    Ang galing nga ng marketing nila. Ang dami nilang nabobola. Tapos yung mga ginagamit na role models, mga athletes na talaga. Naman? How sure are we na nagimprove sila. Kumuha sila ng payatot na walang na mahina sa sports. Yun gawin nilang sample dapat.

  2. jumbledcoffeethoughts

    last year, they just profited US$8k but this year, they hit the million mark. well, it’s the hype; as soon as it dies down, so does their profit.

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