Song Covers I Love #2

Ever since I discovered some of the best covers on the net, I can’t stop adding to my growing list of favorites. I grew up listening to songs from different eras because every Sunday, our parents will listen to the oldies; and older cousins will listen to Bread and John Denver. So I pretty much appreciate different music genres and here are some of them.

Patti Austin – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

(Original artist: The Platters)

My father is a big fan of the Platters and this is one of the songs I really love because of the movie, Always.

REM – All I Have to Do is Dream

(Original artist: Everly Brothers)

I almost can’t believe that it’s the same REM responsible for Losing My Religion.

Morrissey – Moon River

(Original artist: Audrey Hepburn)

It’s a surprise to hear him sing this because I just remember him for the song (which I also love), The More You Ignore Me.

If you hear a sobbing in the background, (based on a forum I read) it’s Audrey Hepburn crying in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where this song was especially written for.

Jackson Browne – Stay

(Original artist: Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs)

This song was revived by Dreamhouse in the 80s but I find that I like this 70s version better. It’s a mashup and Stay starts at 5:52 but The Load Out is a great song, too.

I was laughing my head off at 7:11 😀

Radiohead – Nobody Does it Better

(Original artist: Carly Simon)

Who would’ve thought that the Creep singer can turn this into just about the sexiest rendition of the song ever! Well at least for me 😉


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One response to “Song Covers I Love #2

  1. Ivy

    Just saw this post of yours. Namiss ko ito basahin. I know the Radiohead version of Nobody Does It Better. Galing!! I like Pattie Austin’s version of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes too and Morrisey’s version of Moon River. But what really caught my attention was Jackson Browne. Sino siya? Gusto ko siya……..

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