Of Guys and Purses

I went out to buy my lunch earlier and was in no hurry to go back to my little nook in the office (who wants to go back anyway?… it’s such a bed weather I would have wanted to lie in bed all day… maybe snuggle? Cuddle up? Hahaha! Queen of fancy thoughts!).

Sorry got off course in my own reverie. Anyway, I started people watching again and noticed how (some) men and mostly boys, carry their girlfriends’ girly bags. What is up with that?

And so I thought of some reasons why men should refrain from carrying their gf’s girly bags:

  • Being sweet doesn’t equate to looking stupid;
  • It looks outrageous to see a guy lug around a little shoulder bag that even a kid can carry without a hitch;
  • If it’s chivalry on your part… dude, there are other ways to show that off;
  • She bought that swanky li’l bag, let her carry it;
  • She carries it when you’re not around, why shouldn’t she when you are?

It got me thinking if girls get a tinge of satisfaction at seeing their guy carry their kikay bags for them. Would you really want your guy (whom you profess undying love to) to look stupid in public? If it’s a backpack, laptop bag, groceries or anything heavy at all, they should carry that for you. But kikay, swanky, jewel-crusted bags? C’mon!

Maybe I think too much. Maybe I’m not like other girls. I don’t think the “damsel-in-distress” schtick is attractive (but if you’re just making lambing, I think it’s cute, though).

But I’m sure of this. Even bi@tches like some lovin’ and gives really good love in return 😉


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