It’s been days after a rather quiet celebration. I went to mass (don’t smirk… I really did! ;)), had a simple lunch (and got a gift! hehe), left work early then had my long-delayed facial and diamond peel done, then headed for home (where I got another one). I capped off the week with lunch with my friend (and got another!), relaxation at the spa and a drink.

Earlier, I thought to count, just for fun, all the greets (including belated ones) I got on Facebook and it’s more than a hundred! If I included the texts I got, I may have received something like 150 greets. Sweet! It could be few to others but I’m overwhelmed just the same. This year, I decided to thank every single person who posted on my wall instead of just posting a general message to everyone in my status (which I did last year). I just thought that they had the option not to greet me but they did and that counts in my book.

I may at times groan, moan, whine and get all nega at how life isn’t turning out as I hope it would, but in truth, I have so much to be thankful for.

  • I have a job that pays well; enough to support my family and leave something for simple wants.
  • I’ve never been seriously sick; most importantly, my parents are rather healthy for their age. My nephews and niece are born normal and healthy as well (we’re all praying for the safe delivery of Buchik on Oct. 11)
  • I haven’t been seriously in danger despite going home at ungodly hours sometimes; well there were two encounters with maniac morons years ago and these happen  just around 9PM, which is relatively early.
  • I have friends who love me (well, at least I think so… :D) and had encounters with love that made a better and stronger version of me.
  • People I initially meet think I’m either in my mid or late 20’s. I’m so loving it. hahaha


So, here’s a shoutout to all those who remembered…

Thank you for sharing a part of you with me and making my day more special than the other days of the year.



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6 responses to “Post-Birthday

  1. Ivy

    You’re always welcome. Whatever it is that you’re thankful for, you deserved it. Let’s welcome your new age with a bang. Hehe!!

  2. Abby

    naks parang artista “follow weng at her blog” nice… glad to be part of the 150 people who greeted you… stay happy and young looking like meeh hehe… e sino nga b di mgkakamaling pagkamalang kang 26 lang? ahihihi….

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      hi abby! katuwa naman at may nadagdag sa nagaaksaya ng panahon basahin ang mga pinagsusulat ko. hehehe
      thanks for the greet… blessing talaga sa allied na hindi tayo nag-abot. otherwise, supermajor lugi sila sa’tin. hahaha
      thanks for dropping by… 😀

  3. Zenia

    wow! plenty to be really thankful for!
    just try not to forget them whenever things seem not go the way you want them to. that might help!
    happy birthday garutz!
    and this is my first time in your blog and it looks great! :o)

    • jumbledcoffeethoughts

      thanks, m’zens! for always remembering my birthday even though i’m not with allied anymore. 😉
      i really try my hardest to be thankful even at the worst times… thanks for dropping by! 😀

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