Travel Diaries: Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

Back in my school days, I cannot be bothered with my history class. I listened during lectures, do assignments and pass quizzes because failing simply is not an option. Now that I’m way past my student days, history is more interesting especially when it can be experienced on a personal level.

Going to the Cu Chi Tunnels was just one of the many brushes with history during our Vietnam-Cambodia trip that made everything more than just a vacation; it cleared the mind of work-related issues and traded it with more substantial information (which I really need, you know!). 

The Cu Chi Tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War and were the Viet Cong’s base of operations for the Tet Offensive in 1968. The 121-km-long complex was preserved by the government as a memorial park and a famous tourist destination. The tunnels were even enlarged and broadened to accommodate the tourists who want to go down and dirty. 

The tunnel leads to this tiny opening

 Tip: If you plan on going down the tunnels, two things. Make sure you’re not claustrophobic and you have a change of clothes because you’ll really sweat like anything.     

 As you go along, you will see the how the Viet Congs look during those times; how they manage to live that time; and how they can make ingenious and menacing booby traps. 

There’s a film showing towards the end of the tour where you can watch how the Viet Congs defended their turf then against the Americans. But well, this is pretty much one-sided considering it is their account on history. So deal with it ok? We are outside this part of their history so let’s just steer clear of it. *wink*  Makes me wonder how the Americans, who we were with us on the tour, felt during the film showing (???).


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3 responses to “Travel Diaries: Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

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  2. Ivy

    I think the Americans who were with us during the trip didn’t see much of the film at first. They were talking outside at nagpapamalamig. Pero siguro ok lang sa kanila. Otherwise if they’re that sensitive they would not have join the trip and would not be so game in going through the tunnels etc. Hehe!!

  3. jumbledcoffeethoughts

    i actually heard one them said something like, ‘of course, this is their side of the story’ … since it happened ages ago, it’s the hope that they have sort of forgiven each other

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