Just Thinking Out Loud

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My so-called career is at its all time low again and so my mind is wandering aimlessly and my fingers are almost on auto-pilot to the ever pathetic Internet Explorer 6 in the office (yes, you read that right) and access Facebook to keep from drifting off. Thank goodness that social networks are not blocked, otherwise, it will be a challenge everyday to go to work and render some 8 hours (majority of it is spent chatting with my equally bored officemate, refilling my stainless mug with brewed coffee and yes, working a bit too for status report purposes).

Anyway, I don’t know but it seems like an ongoing trend in Facebook, Twitter and what-have-you that people share just about the most mundane things about their lives it’s almost annoying.

Do you really think you need to give your FB friends a blow-by-blow account of how you’re spending your day?

Are we, your FB friends, under any obligation to know what’s keeping you busy the WHOLE day? Unless of course you’re one hot celebrity (who people want to keep tabs on), then that paints a totally different picture.

Should we be privy to such intimate conversations between you and your one true love? I mean… really?! … no bitterness here. Really. 😛

Which brings me to another thought… do you really need to bring all the info out there for the world to know?

Or do you think we should feel PRIVILEGED that you share such prosaic happenings in your life?

Don’t you even feel freaked out that so many people know what’s going on about your life? Remember, gossipry in this age is brought to a whole new, techy level. You can call it virtual gossip, cyber chismis or ‘info sharing’ if you want to be politically correct. *wink*

Yeah, you know your way around FB that you make sure you don’t share info with strangers. But remember, once you post it… it’s out there FOREVER.


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