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Monday Traffic and Pathetic Revivals

Just when I thought I’d give Mondays a chance to redeem itself to me because I certainly am not a fan of Mondays…it failed yet again!

I was stuck in traffic for 4 hours! On a good day, it usually takes around 45 minutes from our place to Makati and on a bad day, around an hour and a half. But this day, takes the cake! 4 hours!!! It was like travelling from Manila to Quezon province already.

The cause of the massive traffic? A truck carrying ethanol slammed into the island near the Ayala tunnel, south bound lane at around 3AM earlier.  And since this is highly flammable, the road was closed to traffic and rescue people in their protective gears covered the affected area with truckloads of sand to absorb the chemical and eliminate possible fire that may ensue due to the spill.  Believe me, the traffic from that area not only stretched all the way to Megamall. It stretched all the way to the side streets of Pasig area!

But looking at the bright side of things, I thought it will be a chance to catch some zzzzz’s. I was lucky enough to ride a coaster van, which has a comfy headrest and more leg room than the usual vans.  So I settled myself and took my nap.  Only to be awakened by a rather unusual song.  Sounds like Low by Flo Rida but there IS something definitely wrong. Then I remembered my friend telling that there is this Tagalog or Visayan version being played on mainstream (jologs) radio stations. Tagalong na R&B! Huwwatt???!! It was the fastest I have ever grabbed my earphones, plugged it in my phone and chained it to my ears. What the #$@*&#??? Just what were these people thinking? That it’s funny? I don’t have anything against Visayan. Why should I? My parents are from the Visayan region and I love the province and I love the dialect. What I don’t love is this! There must be more talent out there than this!

When the irritating song was finally over, I thought I’ll just conserve my phone battery for emergency.  So I went back to napping again. Sarap! Until another song was creeping into my reverie. It was the Kampampangan version of Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill! Ano ba??!!!  This has got to be the most irritating song ever! Good thing I just turned the radio off and left the earphones plugged so it was a whole lot faster this time to glue them to my ears. I don’t get it. Why are these songs even being played? Para lang mangasar?! If they’re trying to make people laugh, I sure missed the punch line by a mile.  



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