I decided to come to the office later than usual that fateful Thursday because I stayed in the office verrrrryyyy late the previous night. And what better way to lift my down-in-the-dumps feeling? A good outfit matched with a pair of fab slip-ons. Sadly, it lifted me up for less than two hours because as I alighted the service and was about to cross the street, the most embarassing thing happened. Nauna ako sa sandals ko by 2 steps! Thinking that maybe it just slipped off my foot, well because it’s a slip-on anyway, I came back for it… quite bravely but deep inside very embarassed!

my once fab slip-onsI was dreading the few steps back and I was not prepared with what I saw. The bloody strap just came off! And there’s no way to wear it because that one and only strap was torn.

I felt like a sweaty pig in my fab outfit! I don’t know how I can possibly get away with this kind of shoe dilemma with some dignity left. While figuring a way out of my shoe shame, I called a dear friend, who unfortunately took a different route and was still more than half an hour away from Makati but very much willing to make a detour so she can fetch me. And as I was talking to her, I saw a glimmer of hope in my oh-so-hopeless situation.

There were two men fixing the signage of the restaurant where I was shamelessly stuck for the last ten minutes (which actually felt like an eternity of damnation).  I bravely approached one manong and asked if I can borrow his slippers and showed them my used-to-be fab slip-ons.  There was a parking attendant (now there were three of them who witnessed my shoe-miliation.. sorry! can’t help the pun) who offered to bring my shoes to the repair shop across the street.  With all the dignity I could muster, I told him that it’s ok and that I just need to borrow the slippers for a while. I wasn’t prepared for manong’s slippers. It was like wearing havaianas! hahaha

So I finally got to cross the street and went to the shoe repair shop. And I don’t know if I’m such a bad person to deserve this kind of rotten luck because the person doing the shoe repair is not yet there! I’m like huwwatttt???? It’s 10AM, the malls are even open by this time already! And good old repairman is not yet here???? Why of all days???

But I told myself to be calm and collected because there is 711 right beside the shop. When I saw the slippers on sale,I almost want to cry! The only colors of the slippers there? Ridiculuosly-outrageous-pink and screaming-out-loud-orange! Gusto ko na ngang lumuhod, tumingala sa langit at sabihin, “Lord, ano bang ginawa ko at parang lahat na yata ng kamalasan binigay mo sa’kin?” Yeah, I’m the drama queen but I didn’t do that. I thought that orange would at least compliment the color of my blouse so I (grudgingly) bought it and (cringingly) wore it.

But before I left the store, I bought the kind manong a hotdog sandwich and went back to the restaurant to return his slippers. He doesn’t want to get the sandwich and said that it’s ok but I said that it’s my way of thanking him. So he finally got it.

And you think the embarassment is over? Of course not! I still have to go to my office in my I-can-see-you-from-10-miles-orange-slippers. Good thing, though that it’s way past rush hour so there were few people who saw me and my hideous slippers. As soon as I got to my cubicle, I’ve never been so happy (and relieved) to see my old black heels. I hastily changed into them and thinking of throwing the slippers but I didn’t. It’s there under my cubicle, staring at me and reminding me of life’s rotten SHOEprises and kind people who will take a detour to fetch you and let you borrow their slippers when you need them.


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6 responses to “SHOEmiliation

  1. solomon

    Where’s the picture of the I-can-see-you-from-10-miles-orange-slippers?

  2. jumbledcoffeethoughts

    I promise to edit this post and add the picture here… prepare yourself! hahaha

  3. gorgeous mira

    bwahahaha!!!! the gods have punished you….that was so funny. still can’t help laughing everytime i remember the story. & i remembered the shoes…loved it cos it made my feet look decent….hehehe. never mind! you’re the only one who can pull off orange flip-flops. or you shoud have swapped with manong’s “havaianas”.
    life would be so boring without these shoe-prises. love yah,sis!

  4. jumbledcoffeethoughts

    thank you big sis for laughing at my misery… hahahaha! don’t worry i’m going to bring this to a decent repair shop… so you can use it when you’re here… promise… i won’t share my bad luck with you… hehehe

  5. Ivy

    WWOWW!! Soooooooo orange naman your slippers. I thought it was just a light orange. IT’S NOT!!!! Hehe!

  6. jumbledcoffeethoughts

    i told you!!! i wasn’t kidding when i said it’s ORANGE! LOL! (“,)

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